I Was Expecting To Be Annoyed By This Victoria Beckham Article – But She’s Likable, People

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shutterstock_128779922__1377288233_142.196.156.251Victoria Beckham gave an interview to the New York Times Magazine yesterday, and I would just like to report that she is not as moody and untouchable as she seems. Frankly, she’s downright likable.

There are some celebrity families that always convey an image of perfection. The Beckhams are definitely one of them. I mean, seriously, could they be any more gorgeous? David Beckham looks like he’s been chiseled in marble and Victoria has the same, exact look on her face on every single tabloid picture I have ever seen. That is impressive. But there are some celebrities that have to rub their perfection all in your face (I’m looking at you, Gwyneth) and others who just seem to arrive at it effortlessly. Add to this a sense of humor about their hyped-up media images – and I’m an instant fan.

Here are some tidbits from the interview that won me over:

Regarding her infamous frown:

“I dunno,” she said, when asked about the no-smiling phenomenon. “I smile in family pictures.” Perhaps, she mused, the reputation she got for being moody during the Spice era stuck. Also, she said, “When you’re in a position to be paparazzi-ed just walking down the street, you’d look a little daft if you were smiling all the time.”

Ha! Agreed.

Regarding her infamous tiny frame:

For the shoot, Beckham reclined on her office floor, surrounded by fashion chaos: swatches of fabric, soda cans, sketches. She declined the suggestion to include a plate of grapes or some such in the picture. “We don’t want anyone to know I eat,” she said. “Why ruin that?”

Sense of humor? Check.

Regarding her age:

She says she is relaxed about how she looks in pictures. “I don’t want to be made to look like I’m 25,” she said. “I’m 39. I don’t have any issues with my age.” That is what she said, at least. But she fretted a bit before the session, and as Teller prepared to take her picture she asked — jokingly, but not — that he go easy on her wrinkles (not that she has any noticeable ones).

She doesn’t push some bullshit anti-aging weirdness, but also seems a little bummed that she’s aging like the rest of us. I get it.

Victoria Beckham is kind of cool, people.

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