Victoria Beckham Has It All — Except A Vacation With Her Husband

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Perhaps money really can’t buy you everything. Victoria Beckham may be able credit her post-baby body to her wealth, but even with all the money in the world, she still isn’t getting much grownup travel time with husband David Beckham. The couple recently told Vogue that the last time they vacationed alone was three years ago making them suddenly sound like a genuine family with four children.

Victoria asserts that between the needs of her family and her fashion empire, there simply isn’t the time for a couple’s retreat. In addition to no child-free getaways, the couple also reportedly said that it’s been years since they’ve watched anything together but children’s movies. Who would’ve thought that Victoria Beckham could recite the entire plot of Finding Nemo?

The most frequent vacation the Beckhams are apparently taking these days since settling in Los Angeles is jaunts up to their vineyard in Napa Valley. The couple says that they are part-owners of the land which produces 900 bottles a year. The wine is then subsequently gifted to family and friends, making those mini-breaks perhaps not so common to your standard four-kid household.

(photo: WENN)