Beckham Family Strikes Enviable Family Portrait On — What Else — The Red Carpet

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Victoria Beckham familyIt was a family affair last night at Viva Forever‘s VIP event at the Piccadilly Theatre in London. As the Spice Girls reunited, Victoria Beckham had some particularly dapper escorts on the red carpet.

It wasn’t just her husband, David Beckham, there to support Posh Spice. The couple’s three sons, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz might have upstaged their beautiful parents. There’s something about adorable little guys in suits, right?

The only member of the Beckham family missing from their matriarch’s big night was little Harper Seven, who presumably isn’t the right age to sit through a stage show right at the moment. I’m sure her time on the red carpet will come someday soon. After all, the girl is already hitting the runway at her mother’s New York Fashion Week show.

Some British tabloids have made a fuss over the fact that Beckham chose to hit the red carpet with her family, instead of posing for pictures with her former-bandmates.  They even commented that the lovely mother of four didn’t seem to be as dressed up and formal as Baby, Scary and the rest who each wore dresses while Posh chose pants.

Personally, I think the decision to make this a family event is pretty consistent with Victoria Beckham’s stated feelings about the Spice Girls musical. She had already stated that she wanted her sons to see the show, to see where her band came from and how hard they worked. It makes sense that she would want to arrive with her kids.

No matter what drama the tabloids attempt to stir up, we know one thing. These are three of the most adorable escorts we’ve seen walking the red carpet in a long time! And who doesn’t love seeing boys support their mother? We hope this gorgeous family had a good time at the show and that the boys are playfully teasing their mom about that whole, “Zig-a-zig-ahhh” nonsense for years to come.

(Photo: WENN)