Victoria Beckham Can Cite Betty Crocker In Her Easter Cupcakes, Say Mommyish Readers

Victoria Beckham, mother of four and Easter cupcake enthusiast, does it all — with the help of Pillsbury. After taking a peek at her tweeted cupcake creations, Mommyish readers say that they suspect a boxed mix or the help of an assistant played a significant part in those festive treats.

A little over a quarter of our readers, however, were willing to give Harper Seven‘s mother quite a bit more credit and believed those cupcakes were a homemade recipe.

Several readers found the cupcakes to not be that elaborate looking or involved at all, while one reader in particular named Cee believed that although Victoria may not exactly consume cupcakes, she most definitely made them. She commented:

Say whatever you want about Victoria Beckham, but she is a good mom. She has always said she would do anything for her kids. Before her daughter was born she said she would go play soccer with her husband and sons. She strikes me as a good, involved and caring mother. While her eating a cupcake can be up for debate, I do think she made them and probably had the older ones decorate.

While baking cupcakes from a box, from your grandmother’s recipe, or at all is hardly a testament to how much you love your children, Victoria’s hypothetical reach for vanilla cake mix keeps with what a lot mothers are up to these days. Most don’t know how to bake from scratch anyway, nor do many know how to sew. The primary skills of motherhood have since shifted to accommodate a range of other priorities, like keeping your child safe online and getting those playdate waivers signed.

In our fast-paced and varied landscape of motherhood, home baked Easter goodies just don’t rank that high as they might have in your mother’s day. There are simply too many other elements for a modern family to juggle. So with that lovely Easter sentiment, feel free to fetch your store bought cookies or boxed cake mix this weekend without shame. Perhaps even Posh Spice can’t judge you.

(photo: WENN)

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