Mommyish Poll: Do You Think Victoria Beckham Actually Made These Elaborate Easter Cupcakes?

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victoria beckhamMother of four Victoria Beckham is sure on a baking and cooking bend, as not too long ago she tweeted a picture of her culinary work for International Food Day at her son’s school. The mother apparently prepared a tray of sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, and pineapples, telling followers that she “just finished cooking!” The style icon recently tweeted yet another picture of her kitchen efforts — this time some elaborate Easter cupcakes. And in the grand mommy tradition of surveying that time-honored bake sale table, I’m just going to ask one question: do you think that she made them?

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing to suggest that a pricey post-baby workout routine and a fashion empire prevents any mother from knowing her way around a rolling pin. And if anyone could surprise us with a flare for fancy, baked from scratch Easter cupcakes, it very well could be Ms. Beckham. Having said that, if she opted for a box of mix like a lot of exhausted mothers I know, that certainly counts too.

To be fair, the mother did not claim to have made these pastel creations per se, simply tweeting:

“Easter cup cakes with Romeo and Harper! So cute! X vb.”

But the question remains if those paper eggs and rabbits were applied with Victoria’s finely manicured hand.

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