Victoria Beckham’s Post-Baby Workout Is As Expensive As Her Shoes

vanity fair oscars party 10 270212Harper Seven Beckham has been in the world almost a year now, but Victoria Beckham is just now sharing her workout regimen with the world. She may have stepped out with an enviable figure come Fashion Week 2011, just eight weeks after delivering Harper. But after taking a look at her exercise plan, it’s easy to see why.

The mother of four admitted to Vogue that she went running six days a week to shed that baby weight — a cheap strategy that any mother of four could probably practice if she had someone to watch the brood:

“I worked out a lot. I ran a lot. I did it six days a week. I become quite obsessive when I get into something.”

Yet the asterisk to that statement is that Victoria admittedly was also being trained under renowned celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson — a cornerstone to the careers of both Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna. And with initiation fees that can reportedly be up to $1500, not including the $900 monthly membership fee, those customizable workouts don’t exactly come cheap.

However, Victoria was also direct about the fact that wardrobe choice plays a huge role in giving the appearance of that mandatory slender celebrity frame. It’s all about lines, heels, and flattering cuts:

“I’ve never been a six-foot-tall, skinny model, so therefore I wanted to create an illusion. People think I’m taller than I am not because of the shoes I wear but because of the way I dress. It’s all relatively streamlined.”

Between those expensive personalized training sessions and pricey garments, Victoria’s six day a week running habit seems like the cheapest component mere mortal mommies can pluck for themselves — unless you factor in costs for a sitter.

(photo: WENN)

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