This VH1 Anti-Bullying PSA Isn’t Charming, Or Cute, Or Helpful

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VH1 Anti Bullying Video If someone posts this on your Facebook Feed, you have my permission to delete them, or tell them to go straight to hell, or slowly and carefully explain to them why this video does nothing to solve the horrible and widespread bullying problem that affects so many young kids today. It’s amazing that this video was even produced, much less is being spread around like it’s actually a “good message” for the youth of today – which can basically be dumbed down to I’m a nerd and you can bully me but one day I will bully you.

Not only does this video show a whole lot of kids having things done to them that are scary, amazingly abusive, and downright savage, but it’s all done in such a jokey, cutesy fashion that this video works better as a Jackass-style guide to treating your fellow classmates like utter shit , but it’s all cool ‘bro because we rewrote the lyrics to a Gloria Gaynor song.

Bullying can drive a kid to suicide. It can alienate kids so horribly that they feel they have no other choice. It’s a serious issue, and it isn’t all as simple as some kid giving another kid a wedgie, because now bullying takes the form of raping other kids, stalking them on social media, and totally destroying their very lives.

The idea that some kids who are bullied grow up to lead happy lives where they are the bosses is fine. The idea that these kids will one day get their revenge on their tormentors isn’t. The idea that bullying can be somehow made better by a daydream accompanied with a song and dance disco number is offensive on so many levels. Kids need to be taught that it’s OK to tell an adult, to stick up for themselves, to be scared and upset and get help when they are tormented. This video may show cute kids singing a happy little song, but the reality is, bullying is a lot more serious than this. I have written far too many articles about the actual realities of bullying to find this shit charming.

(H/t: Jezebel, image: YouTube)