My Fiancé Got His Vasectomy Reversed For Me — And Now I Want Him Resnipped

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But back to our birth control method, or lack thereof. Bluntly, my fiancé hates condoms. He also hates the fact he can’t come in me. Apparently it just doesn’t feel as good, which also, I don’t get. I did try the pill but it didn’t sit well with me in the sense that it made me very depressed. “I can be on the pill,” I told him, “But I will be miserable and moody FOREVER!” He agreed that I should get off them.

I also don’t want some device stuck up me. I’m very fertile, it seems, and I worry it won’t work, or it will get stuck up me, and cause some sort of infection and I will die and, well, need I go on? My fiancé suggested that I get my tubes tied, which I adamantly protested. I’m pretty sure I don’t want more kids. I have my boy and my girl and two bonus daughters. Our house is full. But, I don’t know. Getting your tubes tied seems so final. I’m not into it. I’m not into the finality of it. So, we’re back to him getting ANOTHER vasectomy.

The poor guy. I do feel for him. His penis has been prodded a lot by doctors.

I recently ran into the doctor who preformed his reverse vasectomy at a Starbucks and we got to talking. “We need you again,” I told him. I didn’t add, “Can we get some sort of deal?” He told me he’s done this many times. Meaning, he’s done vasectomies on men, who later get divorced, meet someone, he does a vasectomy reversal on them, and then they come back for another vasectomy.

My fiancé knows that he has to get this done. I know he’s going to milk it for all it’s worth. I will have to play nurse again and listen to him moan for weeks about how much pain he is in. I can deal with it. It’s not nearly as bad as a screaming baby. My fiancé does admit that it doesn’t hurt TOO much, but again, he has to somehow fit this procedure in around his soccer schedule, which, it seems, is year round. But there really isn’t any other option is there?

So, yes, he got a vasectomy, got a reverse vasectomy, and will get another vasectomy. And who knows? Maybe I’ll demand he gets another reverse vasectomy one day. You never know. For now, I promise him his penis will be in the best hands possible. The Doctors. And then it will be in good hands — mine.

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