18 Funniest Vasectomy Cakes

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Image: Instagram / @randomactsofcake

Does the phrase “snip snap” sound familiar? If you’re a fan of The Office it might. In one now-iconic scene, Michael Scott bemoans the fact that he’s undergone three vasectomies and as he points out, those procedures take quite the “physical toll on a person.” This cake borrows Michael Scott’s painful-sounding “snip snap” phrasing for this hilarious cake, which was hopefully consumed on a much happier occasion. To top the whole thing off, there’s a much more macabre tombstone decoration, but it really does drive the point home. Kimberly Hemperly presented the cake to her husband during his “Balls Voyage” party, writing on Facebook that she’s “thrilled to say we will NOT be adding any more tiny humans to our family.”

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