Vanessa Lachey Beat The ‘Baby Blues’ With A One Republic Blast Fest & Visit To Starbucks

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marquee opening party 2 010412Vanessa Lachey got real candid with her bout of “baby blues” following the birth of son Camden John. The mother of one let her fans — as well as Us Weekly and People magazine — in on a bumpy period right after the tot was born. On her personal blog, Vanessa Lachey says she eventually overcame the sadness by hopping in the car and heading to Starbucks — among other things. Hey, whatever works, mommy!

Vanessa writes that her complex feelings came to a head after finding herself in a vomit drizzled ensemble, classic new mom style. Things got real:

On Saturday September 29th, my baby blues finally got the best of me.  I was in my maternity leggings, un-showered with throw up on my shirt, hives ALL over my body (another lovely post pregnancy perk I got) and a sweet, loving little boy who couldn’t look at me and smile to make it all better. He was just too young.  I started crying. I was feeding Camden and crying my eyes out. I felt like I had officially come undone. I imagined blissful days, tired nights, but quiet loving moments. I imagined family dinners with the 12 casseroles I prepared ahead of time, and a beautiful post-pregnancy glow that embodied me 24-7. But This was none of that. I didn’t feel like myself. Where was the super woman who always thought and knew she could do it all? Where was the organized Vanessa who had it all under control no matter what the obstacle? She was gone, and I thought… forever.

From there, Vanessa Lachey was able to enlist some help from husband Nick Lachey and tend to herself:

As I was crying, Nick took Camden, I got in my car, took a drive around the block, put my sunroof down and blared the radio. One Repulbic [SIC] was on, Feel Again. I had never heard the song at the time, but loved how it made me feel. I went to Starbucks, came home, took a shower, put myself together and came upstairs to give my husband a kiss and tell him I was sorry…I was sorry for the weeks of losing myself. I was sorry for the weeks to come when I won’t be myself, and I am sorry I can’t do it ALL like I thought I could.  And it made me feel so much better.

The mother says that, in retrospect, what she really needed was “taking a minute to step away” from a baby vomit newborn situation and really appreciate what she had accomplished so far. That being that she had produced life. Pretty awesome. Check.

She gleans that her simple Starbucks One Republic escapade was really about engaging in “something I would normally do” to get some sanity back. Fair. She even throws a new mommy epiphany in there:

We need to know that it’s okay if we don’t have that perfect post-pregnancy glow and the body to go with it that we thought we’d have. It’s okay that sometimes our milk production is challenged and we aren’t producing as much as we dreamed we would. It’s okay if we can’t do it ALL…

That and never underestimate the joy in a lovely soy latte, ladies!

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