Kristin Cavallari Seems Kind Of Peeved That The Lachey Baby Stole Her Name

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When it comes to baby names, reality star Kristin Cavallari does not believe imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Rather than offering up congratulations on new arrival Camden John Lachey to parents Nick Lachey (a former fling) and Vanessa Minillo, she’s irked.   Cavallari welcomed her own Camden – Camden Jack Cutler – five weeks ago with NFL quarterback Jay Cutler.  She took to Twitter with heavy sarcasm to defend her turf, er, son.

“Apparently Camden is a popular name!” she tweeted this morning as news broke of baby Lachey’s arrival.

Which we know isn’t true.  The name did not even break the Top 150 Most Popular Boys Names in 2011 (according to the Social Security Administration its current rank is #160).

Celebrities often find baby-naming to be a highly original and creative experience.  Just ask Sparrow, Blue, Apple or Bronx (note the hot trend: nouns over names).  If another celeb named their baby the moniker you had your heart set on a month before your due date, it would mean back to the drawing board.  Lachey and Minillo didn’t get the message and unfortunately Cavallari can’t do much about it now.

Like every other parent she probably wants to believe her child is special, and having another celebrity couple share her unique name choice is like rain on her sunny newborn parade. Wait until she realizes even the nickname CJ is out.

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