I Will Always Celebrate Valentine’s Day Because I’m Not Dead Inside

valentineYou know the couple I’m talking about””the one that “hates” Valentine’s Day.

This couple doesn’t celebrate stupid special occasions because they don’t want to let The Man, or Hallmark, get them down. This couple (we all have at least one on our Facebook feed) claims that they don’t need a special holiday like Valentine’s Day to show their love because they’re romantic every other day of the week.

To this, I have two responses:

  1. Bullshit.
  2. Simmer down now.

What I’m saying is this. I’ve heard this argument many times before: Why would you put on fancy clothes and wait in line for hours and sit at a fancy restaurant just because a commercialized holiday centered around red hearts and chocolates told you to?

Well, if you’re claiming that you are loving enough to your partner every other day of the week, I call bullshit on that. Valentine’s Day is fun, and it always has been, ever since we were forced to make Valentine’s Day mailboxes in second grade. If you’re in a long-term relationship, I don’t see any harm in putting on an actual dress or tie to go out to a nice dinner. No matter how much you may protest, this is not something you do on a typical Monday night while both of your kids are screaming and fighting bedtime upstairs.

Second, chill out! Yes, Cupid may be an evil terrorist that is forcing you to learn how to love and taking your money at the same time, but Valentine’s Day can actually be fun if you pull the stick out of your ass. And maybe clean that stick off and twine some roses around it and give it to your Valentine as an impromptu gift that will cost you absolutely nothing? Just a thought.

If you have a strong argument as to why it is stupid to celebrate Valentine’s Day because you have enough love in your life, I’ll continue to disagree with you time and again. My husband and I have always celebrated Valentine’s Day because it’s fun and cute and gives us an excuse to get out of the house. I’m not going to turn down a romantical date, even on a barf-worthy holiday, because I have a heart.

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