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Vagina Video Games Are About to Become a Real Thing

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If you’re a lady and you love iPhone games, you’re in luck. There will soon be a video game you can play with your vagina. Yes, vagina video games are coming! French company Perifit is currently running an already-funded Kickstarter for the Perifit-S, a wireless wand-like controller that you insert into your vagina and operate with your pelvic floor muscles.

Welcome to the 21st century, vaginas!

According to Perifit, one in three women worldwide have pelvic floor weakness, which can cause bladder leakage or incontinence, and, if severe, can lead to surgery for organ prolapse. Perifit says that while doctors usually recommend kegels to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles, they don’t typically work for most women. Great, so the ONE exercise I actually manage to do regularly isn’t actually helping me? Exercise is such bullshit.

The Perifit-S will offer users a way to “strengthen the pelvic floor faster and permanently.” It’s also allegedly fun, safe, and easy-to-use. The device, which was designed with input from physiotherapists and gynecologists, will let users train their pelvic floor muscles, improve core strength, prevent UT infections, and add “a little something extra to your sexual enjoyment.” Bow chicka bow wow!

How does it work? I’m so glad you asked. Users insert this vagina joystick, then squeeze it with their pelvic floor muscles. The device measures the force exerted by the muscles and transmits that information back to a smartphone. Perifit says it’s like “a personal pelvic floor gym, coach, and tracking system.” That is a lot of things in my vagina.


via Kickstarter / Perifit

The game has several levels of exercises and training programs that target specific groups of pelvic floor muscles. Users can be different characters, collect bonuses, and “even fight enemies.” My vagina already does that, thank you very much.

look out for my badass vagina

via Kickstarter / Perifit

The Perifit-S is made of medical-grade silicon, has a built-in battery with a five-year life, and is washable with soap and water. My vagina is really drawn to the space grey color, but the Perifit-S also comes in light blue, pastel green, and soft pink.

If this game is as addicting as Candy Crush, I will have an iron vagina.

(Image: Kickstarter / Perifit)