Snooki’s Terrible Baking Has Ruined The Vagina Cake Trend Forever

“No one wants to cut into a vagina cake at a baby shower.” Maria wrote that just over a year ago, and apparently she was wrong, wrong, wrong. If Pinterest and my nightmares are anything to go by, everyone wants to slice into a vagina cake at a baby shower. The entire world has been eating vagina cakes and vagina cookies for the last year, and it seemed like the trend might last forever. But it’s over now. Snooki killed it.

Snooki made the cake for JWoww‘s baby shower, and it is easily the most horrifying vagina cake the world has ever seen, and that’s saying a lot.

B2Sr4i4CcAIJ99eHomemade cakes are meant to be more meaningful and full of love than bakery cakes, but Snooki’s frosted horrorshow proves that one should always leave vagina cakes to the professionals. A well-crafted vagina cake might make a person frown or gag a little bit, but an amateur cake like this one will just give you nightmares for the rest of your life. Look at that doll’s face. Even that doll does not want to be a part of this.

According to US Weekly, Snooki made the cake for their TV show, Snooki & JWoww. And as if the cake itself wasn’t horrible enough, Snooki was on hand to explain its anatomy.

”The cherries resemble the placenta and the blood when the baby comes out,” she said. ”And then add the [chocolate] sprinkles for little pubes, and then some sprinkles on the butthole because I don’t know if her butt’s hairy.”

That’s it, vagina cakes are done. Snooki killed them. No one can even like them ironically anymore, because now vagina cakes are forever linked with unwanted knowledge about JWoww’s intimate grooming habits.

Photo: Twitter/JWoww

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