I’m Taking My Kid Out Of School For 5 Days To Celebrate Mother’s Day Week

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motherdaughtertripThis is the fourth time this school year I’ve had to write to the headmistress at my daughter’s school. One of the rules is that if your child is going to be away from school for more than three days, you need to put it in writing to the headmistress. I like doing this, because within a week, I receive a personal message, typed by the headmistress and sent to my home by snail mail, telling me she received my e-mail. (It’s a nice reprieve from the other snail mail – bills!) But it’s a total waste of money too in the sense that she could just e-mail me back and forget about the cost of postage, envelop and letter (is this where my daughter’s $30K a year for schooling goes to?)

I need to write another one, because, yes, I’m being proactive this year, when it comes to Mother’s Day. I’ve planned a mother-daughter ONLY trip for five days. My daughter will be missing four days of school, since I want to spend a week with her. It’s MOTHER week in my household!

She can’t wait to go to Bahamas and be alone with me. It’s going to be a fucking great Mother’s Day Week. For both me and my daughter.

Ever since she started school, I have not let loving life get in the way of her studies. When she was in preschool up until Grade Three, the school she was at didn’t seem to care at all that my daughter would miss days of school either to go on a trip with me or visit with her father in Arizona or Aspen (both of which are far from home, so she needed to take the days off). At her old school, people would take their kids out sometimes for a month to go to Miami in the winter. One friend took her children to Italy for FOUR MONTHS.

I usually just feel in my gut that it’s time for some mother-daughter bonding and I’ll book us a trip in a land far away so it can really be just my daughter and me (and sun, sand and beach). I’ve always been a firm believer that school is important, but so are other life experiences. Of course, it’s hard to argue that heading to The Cove at Atlantis in the Bahamas is a life experience, unless, one day, water slides are going to be in the Olympics.

Still, I’m taking my daughter out of Grade Four to come with me.

Yes, it is Mother’s Day, but I picked a place my daughter would enjoy more than me. She loves it there. Does anything say more “mother” than that?

I will ask the teacher for homework she will be missing and I will force (actually, I don’t have to force her) my daughter to do all the homework on the plane ride down, so when we arrive we can just…be.

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