Utter Jerkface Tricks Innocent Girl Scouts with Counterfeit Bills

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Girl Scout Has Gun Pulled On Her

Girl Scout Has Gun Pulled On Her

Cookie sales are one of the ways the Girl Scouts teach their kids about business and sales, but this week some nice little girls learned a tough lesson about the business world: People can be jerks. Because some total butt face just used counterfeit money to rob some Girl Scouts of their money and cookies.

According to Eater, some 10-year-old Girl Scouts in Los Angeles were selling cookies in front of a grocery store, as Girl Scouts are wont to do. A man approached their table and bought five boxes of cookies, which cost $25. He gave them a $100 bill, and they gave him the cookies and $75 in change.

The girls had no idea anything was amiss and tucked the $100 safely away, stoked about having made such a good sale. But later one of the parents realized that the $100 was fake and called the police.

I wonder how many times the people involved in this story uttered the phrase, “Who the fuck robs a Girl Scout!?”

Luckily nobody was hurt, but the girls are out $75, five boxes of cookies, and probably some faith in humanity. At least they’ll probably get a good lesson in how to spot counterfeit bills after this. Maybe that should be a merit badge.

(Photo: Ann Hermes/The Christian Science Monitor via Getty Images)