Utah Yearbook That Photoshopped Sleeves On Girls Dedicated A Page To A Bunch Of Dudes With No Shirts On

Utah Wasatch High School took it upon themselves to randomly photoshop sleeves and higher necklines on female students’ yearbook photos. Everyone knows that shoulders and the base of your neck are very slutty parts of the body that always need to be covered, right? Well, the same yearbook that decided to fabricate more modest clothing for women via photoshop, also happened to have a page of their book dedicated to shirtless male students. They called it, “Wasatch Stud Life – Studs doin’ what studs do best.” Barf.

Here are some photos of the girls they deemed to indecent for the yearbook:





One of the students at the school was asked by his mother, Melissa Milam, what he thought of the photoshopping. He responding by opening his yearbook and showing her the “Stud Life” page. From The Salt Lake Tribune:

Boys in the photos are sleeveless, with shirts pulled open to bare chests, boxer shorts are showing and a tattoo is on display. “Studs doin’ what studs do best!” the page proclaims.

“I keep hearing the word ”˜modesty’ thrown around,” Milam said, referring to several girls whose shirts were digitally edited and tattoos blurred out in yearbook photos. “So the girls are supposed to be modest while the boys are supposed to be ”˜studs?’ That’s a huge double standard.”

Girls whose photos were altered reported feeling “shamed” and “humiliated.” This whole thing is so backwards. Pushing modesty on girls and proclaiming boys need to be “studs.” It’s not just unfair and archaic – it’s dangerous. Pushing this idea that young men can act as they choose while young women need to be kept in a certain place does nothing but give young boys a sense of entitlement and treat young women like objects. Not okay.

If the school has some strict moral code that dictates how its students dress – it needs to be applied to girls and boys equally. Photoshopping sleeves onto a girl’s yearbook picture while at the same time dedicating a page to boys that allows them to express themselves as freely as they want is just not fair – and it sends the absolutely wrong message to young people.

(Images: Fox8 video)

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