10 Useless Things In Your Closet You Can’t Bear To Throw Away

messy closetSome people are closet cleaning ninjas. When spring cleaning time roles around, they ruthlessly cull their wardrobe, donating anything that they haven’t worn in a year, doesn’t fit or is too trendy to survive another summer. But for others, parting with clothing and accessories is hard. Like a contestant on The Bachlorette, you fret over each item and wonder if you’ll live to regret letting it go. If you’re a clothes saver then you probably have some of these useless things in your closet that you probably could live without, but you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of them.

1. A skimpy Halloween costume.



You know the days of going out as a vampire vixen looking for her Dracula are behind you, but you keep this just in case you ever decide to get spicy one night when the kids are with a sitter and you’ve had just a touch too much wine.

2. A bra that’s too small.



Your post-baby milkmaids are never going to fit into this bra without your cups spilling over in the worst possible way, but it’s really pretty and was wicked expensive so you just can’t stomach the thought of getting rid of it this year. Next year isn’t look good either.

3. That concert T-shirt with the hole in it.



It’s indecent to wear in public, but just knowing it’s there makes you feel like you’re in high school listening to Nirvana’s Nevermind all over again.

4. A wristlet.



You’re at least a decade away from being able to leave the house with just your cash, ID and some lip balm and by the time you’re unchained from the diaper bag this chevron pattern will probably be out of style. But you keep it simply because it’s pretty and in good condition.

5. A formal gown.



Blake Lively lives close by. What if she comes to Mommy and Me and you two hit it off and she asks you to come with her to the Oscars and you have nothing to wear? It could happen, it could.

6. Legwarmers.



For years you’ve waited with bated breath as neon colors, overalls and crop tops have all come back into fashion. Each night you go to the back of the closet and pet your legwarmers while whispering, “Soon my pets, soon.”

7. A pair of jeans in the wrong size.



Because every now and then you like to torture yourself by trying to squeeze into these bad boys.

8. A pair of stilettos.

high heels


You’re fairly sure that attempting to walk in these sky-high heels after all this time would lead to a broken ankle, but you keep them to remember your fun and fancy free single days. Plus you’ve watched enough horror films to know they could come in handy in the event of a break-in.

9. A bag of maternity clothes.



You and your partner have said you’re finished having kids, but you hang on to this small pile of your favorite maternity pieces, just in case.

10. A single shoe.



Because you’re positive that the second you throw it out you’ll at long last find it’s mate. It’s time to give it up, Cinderella.

(image:luanateutzi/ iStock /Getty Images Plus)

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