Looking To Pinch Some Pennies? Try One Of These Unusual Money Saving Ideas!

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Febreeze is cheap, water and detergent are not.

Buy a Tide Pen and some fabric refresher, and no one will be the wiser. Running a load of laundry when your clothes get “dirty” is just too expensive to do all the time. What are you, made of money?! You can get a lot of wear out of each outfit if you’re careful. Don’t eat food, only drink water, stay away from smokers and cars that spew exhaust. Don’t go out in the summer when it’s hot and your pits stink. Pretty much don’t do anything, stay home, save even more money! Better yet, don’t wear clothes, sit around naked in your home all day, use a blanket when you get cold. Admire your closet full of clean clothes and count all the money you’ll save.

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