Looking To Pinch Some Pennies? Try One Of These Unusual Money Saving Ideas!

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It works for birds. Listen, we didn’t say our unusual money saving ideas wouldn’t be gross.

They’re going to complain about what you serve no matter what, so don’t waste your money on non-chewed food. Plus, you’ve stolen all their snacks at this point. So really, you’ll just be giving them what they want! If they want those chips or cookies, well, they’ll have to deal with them being served in this manner. You can easily turn one portion into enough to feed your whole family once it’s been regurgitated. When you feed your kids this way, they won’t be able to complain about the food. Who can tell what you’re eating when it’s all a mushy mess? Broccoli, turkey, potatoes, doesn’t matter. All looks the same coming up.

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