Unsuspecting Daytime TV Show Tries to Demonstrate Carseat Safety, But Their Model Has a Full Toddler Meltdown on Live TV

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If there’s anything all parents can relate to, it’s an unexpected toddler meltdown, which is why parents around the world are giving a round of respect applause in solidarity to Pennsylvania mother Torrie Duckson, whose adorable little boy went into full-on toddler mode on live TV, and the poor morning TV show just didn’t know what was happening to it.

Pennsylvania has enacted some new car seat safety laws, so as a public service to parents, local morning show Good Day Philadelphia decided to air a helpful segment showing how to put a child in a car seat safely. It was all set up perfectly: They had a car seat in a minivan to demonstrate with, they had a car safety expert from a local children’s hospital, and they had a really cute little boy to work with.

But adorable 23-month-old Noah took one look around him and decided that he just was not having any of this right now, and he started fussing as every toddler has done at some point. His mother is trying to get him into the car seat and he’s flailing and kicking and doing that toddler backbend where they try to jacknife right out of your arms.

Torrie is the mother of a toddler and thus has been through all this before, but probably not on live TV. She manages to get Noah wrestled into his car seat, but just as she is about to buckle the straps he manages to kick his feet on the seat in front of him hard enough to flip himself completely over so he is balancing on his head in the car seat.

“Toddlers, man,” sighed every parent at home.

“What’s going on, Torrie?” Good Day host Mike shouted at Noah’s mom.

Oh my God, I hate that question. Some grandparent or coparent or passerby always asks that when I’m dealing with a tantrum, and I always want to be like, “What do you think is going on? It’s a tantrum!” Do they think I’m going to say, “Oh, it’s just a faulty ignition switch. I just need to try turning the toddler off and then on again.”?

“I don’ tknow, I’m losing it!” Torrie laughs back, because she is chill, relaxed, composed, and as much in control of the situation as a parent can be when her toddler has suddenly developed stretchy Plastic Man powers and is using them to ruin a daytime TV segment while cameras roll.

Then, in the cutest move of all, Noah manages to shoot out of the car seat, past his mother, and get into the driver’s seat. As soon as he is behind the steering wheel, he knows he’s won. No Olympic gold medalist has ever looked as proud or as triumphant as Noah does when he starts honking the horn in that minivan.

Noah is the cutest. And you just know he probably happliy plunked right into his own car seat to go home after this whole ordeal was over, because he’s a two-year-old, and that’s just how you roll when you’re a toddler.

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