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Mommyish Death Match: Unplugged Weddings – Brilliant Or Rude?

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Unplugged weddings – did you know these were a thing? They are, thanks to everyone’s obsessive need to document every second of their lives with an iPhone. While I don’t necessarily appreciate arriving at a wedding to be met with a sign instructing me how to behave, as a photographer I can understand it.


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Before you all get annoyed with this sign, I would like you to take a moment and remember the last wedding you went to. Now remember how many people were documenting it with their phones – probably even standing during the ceremony to get a great shot. Now ask yourself, when exactly did everyone decide it was their job to to be the wedding iphoneographer? It’s not. There is someone who is hired to do that, and you are probably getting in her way.

In my past life, I was a photographer who would sometimes work weddings. Admittedly, weddings were not my favorite jobs, because there was so much pressure to get certain shots exactly right. I can’t even imagine having to navigate people standing in an aisle to get the perfect shot after the bride passes them. I’ve even seen a wedding guest stand behind the preacher to get a shot of the first kiss. This is not okay. That person was for sure in the hired photographer’s shot. People are just clueless. Which is why we need annoying signs to remind us how to behave. I’m not happy about it either.


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So, what says you? What annoys you more, these signs, or the fact that we need them in the first place? I’m going to go with the fact that we need them in the first place. When you are at a wedding, unless there is no paid photographer and you have been asked by the couple to take photos – I say your camera should definitely be off. There is someone who has been hired to do that job and you are probably in her way.

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