13 Truly Unique Pregnancy Announcements on Instagram

When you find out you’re pregnant, one of the first things you wonder about is how you’ll be letting others know about your new mother-to-be status. Unless someone else was present for your test, you’ll have to figure out the best way to let your partner know (if you’re with someone), as well as family, friends, and maybe even co-workers. And in this highly connected world we live in, many of us use social media to spread the good news.

If you’re stuck on ideas on how to reveal the news, check out these truly unique pregnancy announcements on Instagram.

1. An Artistic Approach

Instagram / @amandacarrera
Image: Instagram / @amandacarrera

This make-up artist and her partner (who is also an artist) put together this adorable set of paints, brushes, make-up, and more to reveal the addition of a new baby artist to their family.

2. Dr. Dog, Anyone?

Instagram / @jadey1111
Image: Instagram / @jadey1111

Lots of folks include their pooch in their pregnancy announcement, but do they all play the role of doctor?

3. Let Big Sis Make The Announcement

Instagram / @mariesdigitaldesigns
Image: Instagram / @mariesdigitaldesigns

Who can resist including a big brother or sister in a pregnancy announcement? Too cute.

4. Talk About Good Fortune

Instagram / @jrysz
Image: Instagram / @jrysz

I love this announcement by fortune cookie!

5. Someone New To Fill Shoes

Instagram / @abiefearless
Image: Instagram / @abiefearless

How about this announcement, using basketball shoes and a bit of creative Photoshop?

6. Hashtag Birth Year

Instagram / @expatanne
Image: Instagram / @expatanne

This announcement is simple and modern: cute baby outfit along with an ultrasound pic and a birth year hashtag? I dig it.

7. For the Simpsons Fan

Instagram / @kristinebydesign
Image: Instagram / @kristinebydesign

Announcing twins? Why not use this whimsical onesie?

8. Say It With Jewelry

Instagram / @brittbutcher
Image: Instagram / @brittbutcher

These parents to be made a necklace with their little one’s heartbeat on it. Too freaking sweet.

9. Take a Cue From Your Favorite Movies

Instagram / @kclearphotographyllc
Image: Instagram / @kclearphotographyllc

This couple decided to Photoshop themselves into their favorite movie featuring pregnancy. So great!

10. About to Pop…the Announcement

Instagram / @chelseyloveyc
Image: Instagram / @chelseyloveyc

This has to be the simplest idea, but definitely not a common one!

11. For the Running Mamas

Instagram / @lattesnlittles
Image: Instagram / @lattesnlittles

How creative is this? Using customized shirts at your next big race to let the world know.

12. Just Get Real

Instagram / @bc.bentley
Image: Instagram / @bc.bentley

This couple wins for most realistic pregnancy announcement ever.

13. Salt Bae-by Win

Instagram / @jimandray
Image: Instagram / @jimandray

OK, this is probably my favorite timely announcement. Using the Salt Bae meme to sprinkly baby emojis? 2017, what a time to be alive.

Do you have a favorite pregnancy announcement you’ve seen? Did you do a unique one for yours? Let us know in the comments or share a photo on our Facebook page.

(Image: Instagram / @lularoemaggiedyck)

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