The Unicorn Takeover Goes One Step Further with Unicorn Ice Cream From Target

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It’s really beginning to feel like some sort of unicorn conspiracy to take over the world, you guys. Remember unicorn frappuccinos? How we all ooooh’d and awwww’d over them, and then moved on? Well, that’s where it started, and the unicorns DID NOT move on. Now we have giant unicorn sprinklers. Magical glitter beer. And even unicorn toilet paper! But if you’ve been waiting for the perfect sweet treat to complete your mythical creature transformation, the wait is over. Target has released unicorn ice cream, just in time for summer. It looks so pretty, and sounds so awful, LOL.

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Thankfully, it’s not THAT kind of unicorn ice cream. The “Unicorn Magic” ice cream is part of Target’s line of groceries, Market Pantry.

It sounds like it was made for kids, because honestly as much as I love unicorns, there’s no way I would eat that. Popsugar says it’s a “fruity pink ice cream with a sour blue raspberry swirl, frosting swirl, and glitter candy bits.” FROSTING SWIRL. My mouth just did that weird watery thing when something is too sweet, just from reading the description. Obviously my kids are going to eat the entire tub in one sitting.

The unicorn ice cream is in stores now, and I’m resisting the urge to go to Target to get some today, even though I don’t technically need to go to Target. But do we ever really need to go to Target?

At this point, my entire house is going to be overrun by unicorns. I’ll be sitting under my unicorn sprinkler, eating my unicorn ice cream and unicorn Lucky Charms (OH YES, those exist too!), drinking my glitter beer, and wiping my ass with unicorn toilet paper. I guess this is just our life now?

Might as well surrender to the magic and totalitarianism of the unicorn.

(Image: Target)