The Unfashionable Kids Of Instagram

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The “Fashion Kids” of Instagram sure are fancy with their swanky boho looks and satchel purses and tiny belts.  While the novelty of perfectly coiffed toddler hair is heartstring tuggy, a certain artificiality in those photos is nevertheless concerning. I echo my associate editor Eve Vawter when I say that the adorable images make me yearn for snaps of kids just doing kids stuff, with some “chic” chocolate stains on their mouths and some “in season” dirt covering their hands. Kids have their entire adult lives to worry about matchy outfits and how they cut a figure in a mini skirt. But they only have these years to pull off dirt under their fingernails and chalk on their arms as perfect accessories. And so, by request, here are the Unfashionable Kids Of Instagram with this year’s hot fashion pics.

1. #ChocolateIsTheNewBlack #DiaperChic

dirtybaby(photo: Daniel Hurst Photography)

2. #StreetWear

littlegirlchalk(photo: Being Radha)

3.  #ArmyPants #WERK

armypantsboy(photo:  Jamestown Audubon)

4. #MudForSpring


(photo: Jamestown Audubon)

5. #Sand #TexturedHair


(photo:  keonammavong)

6. #AllAboutCrownsThisSeason


(photo: daily sunny)

7. #DirtyBabyFeet #MustHaveAccessory

dirtybabyfoot(photo: This Studio)

8. #ChickenNuggets #Swank


(photo:  the weirdo)

9. #WishICouldPullOffASpoon #StainedOnesie


(photo: horizontal.integration)

10. #MessyPiggyTails #ChocolateMouth


(photo:  NDomer73)