If These Photos Make You Want To Be A Pregnant Mermaid, Raise Your Hand

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I was not what you would call a pretty pregnant person. Some ladies are lucky enough to appear like they are holding watermelons under their shirts when pregnant, while others like me find that pregnancy swelling makes you feel and look like Violet Beauregarde after she eats that forbidden piece of gum.

For those of us who found pregnancy to be not our best time photo-wise, the ingenious photographer Adam Opris has taken the pregnant woman’s credo of “I feel like a whale” to heart and has come up with a way to make you feel like the beautiful pregnant goddess you always wanted to me.

I present to you: Mermaid Moms

mermaid mom redFine, so Opris doesn’t actually call them mermaid mom shoots, but I am a child of the 90s. I grew up singing Part of Your World while swimming in the pool for hours on end, all while trying so hard to copy that move Ariel does when she thrusts herself up on to the rocks right as the waves crash around her and the song comes to a crescendo. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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