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25 Uncommon Irish Baby Girl Names With Beautiful Meanings

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If you’re struggling to figure out the perfect name for your baby girl, don’t worry: you’re not alone! Naming a child can be difficult for many reasons. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of unique Irish baby girl names with lovely meanings. Have a look and see what calls out to you. We’re certain that at least one will catch your eye – and your heart.

A word about Irish names: they can be appealing whether you have Irish blood, love the culture, or simply are looking for a great one for your child. Irish names conjure up ideas of ancient folklore, rolling green countryside vistas, and a general sense of timeless historic beauty. When choosing one of these names, don’t worry that your child will be alone in her Irish moniker. In fact, Irish names are quite common in the United States.


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Image: iStock / katrinaelena

Meaning little fire, this name conjures up dynamic visuals of a small and spunky little sweetheart who will have no problems expressing her true feelings in any situation! Adenat is the feminine of the male name Aidan and is of itself a fairly uncommon name. Given its three-syllable construction, we are of the opinion that Adenat goes well with a single-syllable middle name such as Rose – it’s a nice contrast. However you use it, though, it’s a strong and unusual name that is likely to turn heads toward your little fire as she grows to realize her full potential!

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