Unbearable: Infertility Has Made Me Consider A Drug Free Labor

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That sounds like a pretty amazing experience! I consider my daughter’s birth great because we all came out of it healthy. I’m pretty sure I didn’t connect with nature or commune with God during the delivery. I pushed out a beautiful baby girl that I love with all of my heart. But is there really more to delivery, as so many natural birth advocates suggest?

I’m just not sure. There is one thing I know though, after going through this much emotional pain just to get pregnant, what’s a little physical manifestation to bring the baby into the world? After this long journey, why not see what all of these often-sanctimonious, but sometimes thoughtful women are saying about how natural and powerful and peaceful an un-medicated birth is?

Would I want a home birth? Probably not. I would be most comfortable knowing there are doctors and nurses there to help should anything go wrong. But could I consider a drug free labor? Sure I could. With all this time I have to prepare for the joyous occasion, I’m sure I could perfect any breathing technique or natural pain management approach out there. I might head to the yoga studio this afternoon.

Or perhaps, like most things, over-thinking my hypothetical child’s future birth won’t help me at all. Maybe I’ll get to that point and decide that I want the same happy, healthy, perfectly awesome labor that I had with my daughter. Maybe my future child will have their own plans and I won’t have any control at all in my birthing process.

As funny as it is to sit and think about my future birth plans, I guess it’s more important to remember that the goal is much more important than the means. I still might check out other natural birth stories and see if I get inspired though. After all, I do have a lot of time to prepare for this one.

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