I Am Mean Because This Ugly Hoe Yearbook Prank Makes Me Chuckle

cheerleaderWhy do I find this funny? Am I a horrible human being? Don’t answer that.

From the Daily Mail:

Administrators at Irving High School in Irving, Texas are currently investigating how one of the captioned names in its cheerleading squad photo wound up saying ‘UGLY HOE’ instead of the student’s name.

Only ‘about a dozen’ of the yearbooks with the replaced name were given out to students, but 300 have been printed.

The article says that “Somehow between the approval of the final version and printing, someone managed to replace the cheerleader’s name.” So I’m wondering how someone could have been sneaky enough (and who would’ve had the access) to change it at the very last minute. I’m toying with theories like maybe a jilted ex-boyfriend slipped some cash to the adult in charge in exchange for the name replacement. Or a gaggle of mean girls broke into the school late at night and changed it by flashlight. OR, in the true spirit of mean girls, the victim herself changed it in order to start a girl-on-girl war.

Okay, I have to admit I would probably be embarassed if this yearbook prank happened to me. Peer approval is everything in high school, so this would be pretty hard to stomach. However, some people are calling it bullying — which seems a little out of proportion, considering the “bully” hasn’t even been identified. If this is an ongoing thing with her, then yes, it’s a problem that needs addressing. But if it’s a one-time prank? Sure, the perpetrator should get some kind of punishment, but I think it waters down the word “bullying” to label this as such.

The article goes on to explain that they’re in the process of “destroying” current copies. Maybe the surviving copies will become like rare cultural relics for the school? Maybe the UGLY HOE yearbooks will go for millions on eBay? That would be an interesting fund-raiser.

Seriously, though, I hope this cheerleader can laugh it off and move on to go to college and cure cancer or something.

UPDATE: I have written a follow-up post about this piece.

(photo: Alan Bailey / Shutterstock)


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