The 8 Types of Friends Every Woman Needs in Her Life

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When I’m bored, I daydream and imagine my life in 30 years or so. I skim over the age and looks shit (no thanks) and instead think about what my friends and I will be doing. Probably still screenshotting social media posts and discussing them in group chat. We’re like our own little Golden Girls group, and I wouldn’t trade my ladies for anything in the world. Good friends are hard to find, and plenty will come and go in your life. But if you’re lucky, you find your people. Friends come in all shapes and sizes, but there are certain types of friends that every woman needs at least one of in her life.

The types of friends every woman needs will cover all your bases.

1. Let’s start with the No-Questions-Asked Supportive Friend.

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Sometimes, you will fuck up. I mean, REALLY fuck up. And while you may know that you’ve fucked up, you don’t necessarily always want to be reminded of that in the moment. There are times when you just need someone to hold you and tell you everything is going to be OK. Even when it’s not, and you both know it’s not. This friend doesn’t care how badly you messed up. She’s there for you, 100% of the time.

2. The Friend Who Will Tell You That You Fucked Up

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And then there are those times when you need your ass kicked. Blind support is nice, but some situations call for some cold, hard reality. This friend does not own a pair of kid gloves. She will deal you a painful blow, but she will also help you fix the mess in your life. She just won’t hold your hand while doing it.

3. The Body Burier

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This is the friend who keeps a running list of everyone who’s ever wronged you. This is your petty friend, your revenge friend, the one who methodically researches social media to compile a dossier on the guy who stood you up from Tinder. We all one of these types of friends, and we all hope to never end up on their bad side.

4. The Netflix and Chill Friend

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Like REALLY Netflix and chill, none of this sex shit. The friend who you can call when you’re feeling blue or have some unexpected free time who’ll come over on short notice with wine and snacks. The one you can sit on your couch with and not say a single word to one another and it won’t feel weird at all. The friend who will pick the show, change the show when you don’t like it, and sit through the show you know she doesn’t like because it’s time together.

5. The Get Your Ass Out of the House Friend

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You don’t cancel plans on GYAOOTHF. No ma’am. This bitch will show up to your house, pick out your clothes, do you makeup and hair, and toss your ass in an Uber before you can even blink. And you know what? You will have a FANTASTIC time, like you always do with this friend. She knows when you need to go out and have some drinks and dance like an idiot, and she is down for anything, anytime.

6. The Call in Case of Emergency Friend

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These types of friends are on all your lists: emergency, medical, approved visitors at your kid’s school. Your mom and dad have their number in case they need to call her for you. Your husband calls her before he calls you when you don’t answer his text. She’s saved in your phone under Best Friend, Husband, Sister, Mom, and Doctor. When you need her, she is always there, for you and everyone you love. This friend is also usually the friend who your kids love just slightly more than you, and for good reason.

7. The Light a Fire Under Your Ass Friend

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Thinking of changing jobs but are scared to make the move? Want to buy a house but self-doubt holding you back? This friend is the giant battering ram against your back, pushing you past your comfort level and into amazing things. This friend won’t coddle you, in fact she’ll probably yell at you, but that’s what we need sometimes.

8. The Long-Distance Friend

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You know what? You don’t need to see your friends everyday for them to be your rocks. My best friends all live at least an hour and half from me, and we see each other a couple of times a year. But we chat every single day, and sometimes the distance makes it easier to be your true, raw self with them. This is the friend you’re comfortable telling every single secret to, because you don’t have to face her the next day. These are your 4-way Insta chat friends, with picture folders full of screenshots of all the people you’ve talked shit about.

These types of friends are worth their weight in gold, and I hope all of you have at least one of each.

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