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The Only 8 Types Of Day Cares That Exist

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Finding a stranger to whom you’re willing to entrust your small children all day while you’re at work is not the most fun job that parents who work outside the home face. And part of the issue is the approximately eight trillion day care options available in any given city–how can you possibly interview all of them? The good(-ish) news is that there’s really no reason to talk to everyone out there, because there are really only eight types of day care providers that exist.

1. The hippies

simpsons hippies(via)

The lists of daily activities look good and you can certainly get behind the wholesome, whole food-based menu they have posted. But when you ask about the vaccination rates of the kids they care for, they start gushing about their whole-hearted support for personal exemptions (and the Wakefield study) faster than measles tears through a group of unvaccinated two-year-olds.

2. The overtly religious day care

ned flanders painting the lord(via)

You walk into the day care to find a three-foot crucifix or possibly a giant shrine to Steve Buscemi, directly adjacent to the kids’ play area. The prices are great, the home looks neat and well-appointed, and the very nice care providers very nicely inform you that your preschooler will be obliged to pray to Jesus and/or Mr. Buscemi before every meal and snack. Kind of squidgy, but check their rates before writing them off completely. Steve Buscemi is a pretty cool dude, especially at only $200/month.

3. The stealth-religious people

murderer ned flanders(via)

There’s still the possibility your kid will be required to bow at the altar of Buscemi, but it’ll be buried in subclause 17, section E, of the day care contract, if it’s mentioned at all.

4. The amateurs

ralph rolling down the hill simpsons(via)

They really like the idea of starting a day care and they, like, really love kids. They have one child of their own, and really, how much harder could three more be. How exciting to have the chance for your children to be their guinea pigs on the way to achieving their life dream!

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