10 Reasons Why Being A ‘Type A’ Mom Is The Only Way To Survive In The Parenting World

typeaSo what if I keep my kids on a schedule? So what if I plan out activities weeks in advance? Does that make me “crazy”? (Cue exaggerated air quotes here.) Even if it does, I’m totally fine with it because being a type A mom is the key to my survival.

I’ve always been organized, regimented, and kind of obsessive. But it gets results, I tell you! I recently saw an article on signs that you’re a little type A, and I had to take a look. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict that my type A personality fit the bill of many anal-retentive “checkpoints.”

Eff that. I’ve decided that it’s type A or the highway in my house. My perfectionist personality may get on the nerves of many, but here are 10 ways that I’m winning every time:

1.    Type A’s hate to wait in long lines because it slows their progress.

Oh, REALLY? I don’t know about you, but I’m organized enough to figure out exactly when there aren’t going to be long lines at the grocery store, even if it means shopping at six in the morning. I win.

2.    Type A’s grind their teeth.

I don’t, but my husband does, and he wears a really cool mouth guard at night. Does that count?

3.    Type A’s panic when they waste time.

Oh ho ho, can I identify with this one. But I have a solution””I’m always multitasking. I manage to keep the mountains of laundry in my house at bay by folding while watching TV or while my kids eat or while meditating. (Kidding on the last one””kinda.)

(Image: i.imgur.com)
(Image: i.imgur.com)

4.    Type A’s have a catastrophic point of view.

I struggle a lot with the “what if” scenarios running in my head, and I don’t like it. But at least I never forget anything when we go on a road trip! Boo ya.

5.    Type A’s talk over and interrupt people.

Yes, I have been known to do this. But my kids are still small enough that they don’t talk much, which means I can exhaust myself talking their ears off without annoying my husband. I win again, bitches.

6.    Type A’s have a hard time falling asleep at night.

Yes, this is another part of being a type A that I hate, but the silver lining is this: I used the same sleep training methods on myself as I did on my kids, and now I’m sleeping (mostly) like a baby. There is hope.

7.    Type A’s put more energy into career than relationships.

I’m making my type A drive work for me by working at home with my entire family under one roof. I work my ass off to get my work done by the time my kids get up from their naps in the afternoon so I can hang out with them. #winningagain

8.    Type A’s have a hard time relaxing.

I really, really do have a hard time with downtime and relaxing. But I’m forcing myself to step outside of my box and go on a girls’ trip in a few weekends. I know, I know, my life is so hard.

9.    Type A’s can’t function without a to-do list.

This is so, so, so true. But as a new mother with a toddler and a baby, my to-do list powers are an asset instead of an annoyance, so far”¦

10. Type A’s make it happen.

This is a positive type A trait that almost anyone can appreciate. As I said before, I get results! Sure, I’m still figuring out how to balance my life when it comes to work, family, and me time, but I’m confident that I’ll get it all straightened out in time because”¦ Type A’s can do anything!

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