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Two-Month Old Baby Says ‘I Love You’ In Video Which Is Alarming And Adorable

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Two Month Old Baby Says I Love YouI hope the mom who posted this video, Stephanie Passalacqua, and her husband shown in the video are prepared for what comes after their darling two-month-old daughter coos I love you , because before they know it she will either be the new E-Trade baby or else asking for all the Frozen merchandise sold at Toys ‘R Us.

I think she perfectly mimics her dad saying I love you, and if we can all believe a dog can say I love you than there is no reason why a darling little baby can’t do the same. But just because a baby can mimic their parents, doesn’t mean they should be allowed to, because the last thing we need is a mess of talking babies telling us everything we are doing wrong and demanding that we give them stuff. One of the best parts about babies is that they can’t talk yet! We don’t need no stink in’ babies having opinions on things.

My other favorite part of this video are the comments, because even though I personally was awed by how strong this little girl’s neck is, some commenters took this opportunity to throw around some free parenting advice:

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Yay! We certainly have a lot of pediatricians on the YouTubes don’t we?

I’m pretty positive if the little girl in this video was in any sort of pain, she may start crying or something.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go teach my cat to talk because I’m sick of him not having a job, unless you count knocking over water glasses as employment. (And yes, my cat has water, he just wants people water)

(Image: You Tube)