Dumb Dudes Find Twitter Rape Jokes Hi-Larious, But Police Do Not

Posting a photograph of a passed out girl covered in vomit with the text that you and your brother plan to rape her is awful enough, but Twitter user@RichlonelyJuan is obviously not too concerned about it because as of one hour ago, he is still on Twitter yucking it up.

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The original photo, posted at 1:09 A.M. on January 1st, has been removed after social media users alerted local police in Cobb County, Georgia.



Since then, the user ‘Rich Lonely Juan” who uploaded the pic is busy on twitter defending his right to do so:


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This guy is blaming everyone, claiming this is a black twitter thing and that white people have nothing to be angry about.

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Which is obviously nonsense, because there are plenty of black twitter users who think this guy is a moron too.

Rape jokes happen. Some people don’t think rape is a serious crime. But if you make a threat like this, it’s bound to piss a lot of people off. And it wasn’t just our friend Juan who was doing this either, because a different twitter user with the handle @IH8UHOES joined in and claimed he with with the same girl too:

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According to Buzzfeed:

On Wednesday, Dana Pierce, a public information officer for Cobb County told BuzzFeed that the police department did not have the names of the men who posted the photographs, or any information about the alleged attackers.

”How are we going to find them?” asked Pierce. ”We could find their IP addresses, but we’re not going to do that on New Years Day”¦ They [the detectives] will probably really sink their teeth into the case tomorrow.”

Pierce also told BuzzFeed that investigators received an anonymous call from a female who said she was familiar with the case and that there was ”no truth” to it.

”Obviously this doesn’t satisfy our investigation,” said Pierce. ”But the alleged incident that has gone viral is not a crime. We need a lot more evidence to prove that this happened.”

The detectives are ”working on it,” but they have not had any success in validating the claims from the tweet based on the information provided thus far.

Whether a crime actually happened or not, both these Twitter users mention being students on their accounts so I would think that mayhaps they should have their Internets taken away for a while, at least until they realize that making these types of jokes online may not be the smartest course of action.

(Images: twitter)


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