Twitter Loves This Viral Video of Dad Doing His Adorable Daughter’s Hair

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Any parent of a long-haired child knows that taming wild locks can be a bit of a chore. It’s the reason many parents opt to keep their kids’ hair short and trim. Unless you’re a hair dresser, or someone with infinite patience, chances are you’ve struggled at least once in a while to get your little one’s hair on point. Just take a look at this one dad grooming his ridiculously cute baby girl. The man brushes and brushes and brushes until he finally gets all her hair into a pony tail. But if you watch through to the end, you’ll see why Twitter loves this dad doing his adorable daughter’s hair.

Pulling up puffs like that is no easy feat if you’re not used to it, but we have to hand it to this dad for doing his best in attempting the ‘do. His daughter meanwhile is calm, cool, and collected. She knows daddy’s got it on lock, or at least maybe she just hopes so. Either way, it makes for a pretty fantastic viral video. Seriously, see for yourself:

Yeah, I know. Who wouldn’t lose it at all that damn cuteness? Definitely had us all:



And maybe also:



While we’re not quite sure who the sweet dad and daughter in the video are, we do know it was shared by Matthew A. Cherry, a filmmaker and self-professed memeologist with a hefty Twitter following. Cherry wrote and directed The Last Fall, among other projects.

More than that, we know that Twitter users were all about it. And who can blame them, honestly? It was totally “awww!” worthy. The sort of video you have to immediately share with all your friends and family members.

The post has so far received more than 3k retweets, not to mention 4,861 likes as of this moment (and counting). And unlike the comments sections of other tweets (that can cause you to quickly lose faith in all of humanity), this videos has nothing but positivity and love for the impossibly charming daddy and daughter duo.

(Image: Twitter/Matthew Cherry)