This Story of a Potential Love Match on a Plane Will Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

Social media can be an absolute garbage fire, what with all the Nazis and Trump tweets. But every so often, we get a gem of a Twitter love story thread that warms the black hole where our hearts used to be. Yesterday, that came in the form of a potential love match on a plane. I’m telling you, this thread had EVERYTHING. Suspense! Mystery! Sexual tension! It was glorious. Rosey Blair, who tweets on the handle @roseybeeme, brought us along on a ride that brought me more joy than I’ve felt in a very long time. It all started with a simple request to switch seats, and ended with a match made in the heavens, literally. And probably sex and marriage and babies, who knows.

On a flight home, Rosey and her boyfriend asked a woman if she’d switch seats so they could sit together. It was the beginning of the best Twitter love story.

The woman agreed (what a sweetheart!), and Rosey and her boyfriend got to sit next to each other. The unidentified woman moved to the seat in front of them, right next to a hunky guy. You couldn’t write a better intro to a love story!

The new seats mates hit it off immediately, much to the excitement of Rosey and her boyfriend, and every single person following along on Twitter.

Rosey kept us in the loop the entire time, posting updates when the seat mates “accidentally” touched arms. AN ARM TOUCH IS A SIGN OF INCREDIBLE ATTRACTION AND INTEREST, WE ALL KNOW THAT.

What are the odds, honestly?!

Every time I’ve flown I’ve been seated next to someone who either sleeps the entire time, talks to their friend across the aisle, or smells like cheese and regret. I need Rosey to find me a seat mate soulmate.

The budding couple passed on drinks, but did order a cheese plate TO SHARE. Sharing food is something that doesn’t happen until the 3rd or 4th year of marriage, this is getting really serious.

Sharing cheese AND a head-on-the-shoulder move?? I certainly hope they invite Rosey to the wedding and name all of their beautiful fit vegetarian babies after her.


But then things get really interesting, with a suspiciously timed trip to the bathroom.

I am invested in this till the very end. Eventually the plane landed, and WOULDN’T YOU KNOW: seat mate soulmates walked out of the airport together.

People could not get enough of this love plane saga.

AND THEN! The best part. The guy who is presumably the hunky seat mate RETWEETED THE THREAD. He did not confirm their impending nuptials BUT HE DID NOT DENY IT EITHER.

Ugh, I need a drink and a nap after this. I sincerely hope seat mate soulmates are prepared to invite all of Twitter to their wedding. It’s only fair, right? We were there from the very beginning of their Twitter love story, we deserve to see this thing to the very end.

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