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A Second-Grader Named Lizzie Allegedly Stole A ‘Perfect Attendance Pencil’ & The Internet Has HAD IT

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It’s Friday, which means everyone is at the end of their ropes — especially in light of a recent viral video that shows a young girl named Taylor talking about a pretty intense situation — a pink pencil she won for having perfect attendance had been stolen. You read that right. There has been a robbery in a second-grade classroom. In the video, Taylor accuses her classmate, Lizzie, of stealing the perfect attendance pencil that Lizzie couldn’t have *possibly* earned because she went to Canada. Yes, Canada!

In the shocking two-minute video, Taylor says, “I’m the only one who has one of the same type of those [perfect attendance pencils]. […] When I unpacked, I went to get my pencil and guess what I saw? Nothing but plain old yellow pencils. I couldn’t find my perfect attendance pencil which is the only pencil I turned in. So I had to take someone else’s pencil because somebody — and I know who — stole my perfect attendance pencil who didn’t even earn one because they were in Canada.”

The bombshell revelations just keep coming. “So, today, I saw Lizzie using it on her morning work. And I was like, ‘Lizzie, that’s my pencil.’ And she was like, ‘well, it was in that box,’ and I was like, ‘because I needed it sharpened,’ and she was like, ‘it’s just a pencil.'”

A classmate named Reese decided not to be a bystander to such a scandal and decided to get involved, saying, “[Taylor] earned it; you didn’t earn it, you were in Canada,” according to Taylor. Go Reese!

Apparently, after Lizzie had said time and time again that she would give the perfect attendance pencil back to Taylor later, Taylor decided to get the authorities involved — and told the teacher. “The teacher didn’t do anything … it was just the same thing. Lizzie had my pencil and I still don’t have it!”

Naturally, the internet has completely lost it about the grave injustice that went down in a second-grade classroom this week, especially after a Twitter user shared the video, writing, “I know I’m not ready to be a parent [because] I’d be at that school the next day.” Most of the web agreed with the user.

Luckily for Taylor, though, her girl scout cookies operation is in business and her mom shared her link to buy your fave girl scout cookies (Samoas FTW) in her link in bio.