Watch These Twins Have It Out Over Precious Uterus Space

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Well, here’s to science tracing sibling bickering all the way back to the womb. A “cinematic MRI” has given us quite the window into the early squabbles of twins — and let’s just say space is kind of an issue.

But footage of this kind isn’t solely to entertain Internet dwellers like ourselves. The Huffington Post reports that MRIs of this nature have quite the function for the health of some twins in utero:

 …it has an important application on a diagnostic level: Doctors use it to diagnose how fetuses are affected by twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) — a dangerous condition in which one identical twin siphons blood away from the other, the doctor said.

Apparently, TTTS, which can happen at any stage during a twin pregnancy, can put too much strain on the heart of twin doling out all the nutrients. Run of the mill ultrasounds can reportedly pick up TTTS. But it’s advances in technology like this that provide a better view as to what all is going on in there.

Lots of kicking and fussing from the looks of these two. And with such little leg room to go around. Those look like mighty little leg kicks, I tell you. Can we get a side-by-side with the mother’s facial expression please?