6-Year-Old Twins Rack Up $1600 In Apps In A Single Weekend Of Unattended iPading

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a kid with iPadWhile the dangers of leaving your kid unattended in front of various screens has debated consequences, a hit to your bank account has yet to be flagged as one of them — until now. Twin 6-year-olds in the UK racked up quite the iPad app tab, a whopping  £979.90 so roughly the equivalent of $1600, on virtual pets. And their pop is faulting designers, not say, his own negligence in giving his kids the password.

Ashley Griffiths, the father, says that his children knew the device’s password “after using the iPad for schoolwork and games.” But from there, his little ones seem to have gotten a little carried away over one weekend:

He and his wife received emails from Apple on Sunday evening detailing four pages of digital purchases.

He said: “Children don’t understand the value of money, they just see it as a way of collecting more pets and clothes for characters in the games.

“I mean, who in their right mind is going to pay £75 for a virtual pet?”

The father said he was shocked at how easily his children were able to rack up such a sizable bill.

“They were just prompted to enter the password, and that’s what they kept doing,” he added.

“These games are aimed at children and the designers know exactly what’s going to happen.

“There should be measures in place to prevent this, such as asking for credit card details.”

Apple has reportedly refunded Griffiths for failing to supervise his children’s spending habits as “a goodwill gesture.” Oh, and he did get around to changing that password too.