Twin Toddlers Caught on Camera Skipping Sleep to Party Hard

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(Facebook/FOX 46 Charlotte)

Getting toddlers to sleep can be quite a challenge. Many parents know this too well, but not all of them get their struggles on camera. Meet Andrew and Ryan Balkin, the 2-year-old twins who have mastered the art of avoiding sleep.

The boys’ parents, Jonathan and Susana, recently noticed their sons looking a little extra tired throughout the day. They began to wonder whether the boys were getting enough sleep, so they took to technology to capture a full night in the twins’ bedroom on video. What they found was surprising and, quite honestly, hilarious.

The 2-minute long video shows an entire night inside Ryan and Andrew’s nursery. You can see that the toddlers easily escape from their cribs, and then proceed to bounce around for hours. They pull down all the pillows from the couch, stack them up, tumble around, and climb on and off the couch, occasionally stopping to have a toddlerspeak chat with one another.

Their dad eventually comes in to find the chaos, and puts the two back in their respective cribs. But does that stop them? Not a chance. These boys are determined to party into the late hours, so they climb back out of their cribs, this time pulling down all the pillows and then moving them from one end of the room to the other, jumping around, and taking breaks on the couch till mom and dad come in. The parents, obviously desperate to get the boys to sleep, even set them up with some really cool crib projectors but that doesn’t keep their interest long. Soon as mom and dad leave, it’s party time once more.

The kids eventually settle into their cribs to sleep, but it’s clear they definitely enjoy the night life.