My 8-Year-Old Daughter Is Getting A Plasma Screen TV In Her Bedroom

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I also think the earlier (not at four or five) but at eight or nine, is a good time to get a television in a child’s room. My parents never let me eat McDonalds when I was a child. So, as soon as I moved out, I was eating McDonalds at least three times a week. To actually give my daughter a television in her room BEFORE she starts begging for one, or feels like she’s missing out on something, means that it will just become a normal thing, something she isn’t craving or begging for.

This does work on my daughter.

I always had candies and chocolates out since she was little. Because of that, she doesn’t think chocolate is a big deal, so don’t even try and bribe her with that because she doesn’t give a damn about chocolate. I never used candy as a bribe, just like I won’t use television as a bribe. (Aside from getting her INTO bed.)

Of course, I will have to see how this plays out. Who knows? Maybe she will sneak and turn on the television late at night. But I know my daughter and I just don’t think that’s going to happen. While she’s excited about having a television in her room, she isn’t THAT excited. She doesn’t really talk about it at all.

My daughter, too, is the type of person who needs some down time alone. She doesn’t need to be around me all the time. So if she chooses to go to her room to watch a little television after a long day of school and then dance lessons, so be it. I didn’t make the whole “You’re-getting-a-television-in-your-bedroom” a big deal. I just did it, without any conversation with her about it before it happened. She just came home from school and it was there.

There have been no discussions about “If you don’t keep up with your school work then the television is gone!” I think she’s smart enough to know this without me having to say so.

I hope she enjoys having a television in her room. I know I will if I never have to hear the theme song to A.N.T. Farm again. It’s a win-win situation if you ask me.

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