Tucker Carlson Wants To Ban Satanic Holiday Display Because Only His Religion Is ‘Real’


Intolerant Fox News host Tucker Carlson is whining about the fact that a Satanic holiday display is being allowed at the Florida Capitol building after they had first rejected it. The Satanic group won the right to have the display and now, Carlson has his panties in a wad over the religious freedom of Christians. Naturally.

From Raw Story:

Last week, the Satanic Temple won the right to place a display of an angel burning in hell alongside other holiday displays in the Florida Capitol building after officials initially rejected it, saying the Satanic message was ”grossly offensive during the holiday season.”

”I’m assuming that there aren’t a ton of Satanists in Tallahassee,” Carlson told Bible Based Church Pastor Darrick McGhee on Saturday. ”I’m assuming there really aren’t any at all, and this is purely an attempt to stick a finger in the eye of Christians in Florida.”

Well, Tucker young lad, you know what happens when you ASS-ume, right? How does he know what religions the people of Tallahassee practice and like we wonder so many times when Christians get all riled up about what other people are up to, is this display somehow stopping him from practicing his religion? Obviously not. The hilarious irony is that he sees no issue with condemning a display from a religion different from his own but God forbid, anyone try to stop him from practicing his religion.

He goes on to suggest that Satanism is not a “legitimate religion” and having never really researched it myself, I decided to visit the website of The Satanic Temple, an organization that claims to “facilitate the communication and mobilization of politically aware Satanists, secularists, and advocates for individual liberty.” Well, that doesn’t sound so bad, right? I went on to read their tenets, which actually, sounded pretty solid:

  • One should strive to act with compassion and empathy towards all creatures in accordance with reason.

  • The struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions.

  • One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.

  • The freedoms of others should be respected, including the freedom to offend. To willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another is to forgo your own.

  • Beliefs should conform to our best scientific understanding of the world. We should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit our beliefs.

  • People are fallible. If we make a mistake, we should do our best to rectify it and resolve any harm that may have been caused.

  • Every tenet is a guiding principle designed to inspire nobility in action and thought. The spirit of compassion, wisdom, and justice should always prevail over the written or spoken word.

I particularly enjoy the part about the freedom to offend- hey, it IS a free country as Carlson and his Fox News brethren are so fond of reminding us 24/7. Well, unless your being free somehow contradicts their political or religious beliefs. Then, it’s time to whine and ask for displays to be taken down. Whatever.

I will admit- it seems a bit pointed for this display of an angel burning in hell to be near the Christian nativity but if Tucker Carlson wants religious freedom for himself, he needs to accept that it means religious freedom for everyone else too.

(Image: Twitter)

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