TSA Thankfully Apologizes For Dragging Disabled Toddler Out Of Airport Line And Making Her Cry

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TSAA Missouri couple who was Disney World bound with their disabled 3-year-old got held up by some very questionable TSA screeners at the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. When attempting to make their flight to Orlando, Florida, the toddler in a wheel chair was pulled aside for a pat-down. And things just got worse from there. Hence, an apology was in order — at the very least.

ABC news reports that the pat-down of February 8th resulted in screeners asking to screen baby Lucy’s wheelchair (she has spinal bifida). That’s when mother Annie Schulte grabbed her phone to videotape the entire thing:

[youtube_iframe id=”JXDvviIcvfk”]

From the footage, it’s suggested that TSA actually wants to take this toddler into a private area — away from her parents — to screen her. Say what? On the tape, Schulte says:

“The problem is I don’t allow anyone to touch my little daughter without being able to record it.”

Damn straight. TSA has since publicly apologized for the incident:

“TSA regrets inaccurate guidance was provided to this family during screening and offers its apology,” the agency said. “We are committed to maintaining the security of the traveling public and strive to treat all passengers with dignity and respect. While no pat-down was performed, we will address specific concerns with our workforce.”

Lucy’s parents reportedly have no hard feelings as they accepted TSA’s apology. But they have asked that the administration get more training with regards to special needs children.

Oh, and Lucy did make it to Disney World. Finally.