You Can Now Buy Bandages in Different Skin Tones, and I Can’t Believe It Took This Long!

I am white. Very white. Like, I lobster in the summer white. But, my skin is my privilege, and I am fully aware of that. Today I learned about another way that skin like mine is somehow considered the “norm”. Let’s talk about bandaids! We’ve all used them, and if you have kids, you’ve 100% used at least a box a week since they started to walk. My own kids use them like stickers, for some reason? They’re definitely more decorative than functional in this house. But bandaids, for as long as I can remember, have come in three colors: peach, light tan, and patterned. Well, there’s also clear. I’ve never even considered that they didn’t come in a variety of skin tones. Particularly darker skin tones. If you’re darker-skinned, you’ve probably been rocking a peach or tan-colored bandaid you’re whole life. But that’s about to change. Meet Tru-Colour Bandages.

Tru-Colour Bandages are bandaids that come in three darker skin tones.

The company was started by Toby and Murphy¬†Meisenheimer. In 2013, Toby was putting a bandaid on his son’s forehead, and it struck him: bandaids were made to match lighter skin tones. Toby and his wife Murphy have six children, and one of their sons, Kai, had injured himself. Toby and Murphy are white. Kai is black. According to the Tru-Colour website, “Toby and his wife Murphy wanted their 6 kids to grow up in a world that provided more options in bandages. ¬†Options that validate their equality and celebrate their individuality.” So they went to work to make that happen.

For the 4 1/2 years, they developed and built the Tru-Colour vision and company. It’s about to pay-off big time. Since April of this year, Tru-Colour Bandages have been available at Target stores nationwide.

tru-colour bandages
Image: Target

The company’s slogan is “Diversity in Healing”. And it may seem like a small thing to some people, but as we’ve seen time and time again, representation matters. Especially to kids! Now kids of all skin colors can find bandaids that match their beautiful skin tones. A bandaid itself IS a small thing. But the message behind Tru-Colour Bandages is huge.

(Image: Instagram/@tcbandages)


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