So Long, Turmeric! Trix Is Getting Its Artificial Colors Back After Customers Complained

In 2015, several big food companies announced that they would be phasing out artificial colors. Froot Loops and Trix switched to “natural” colors, instead of artificial ones. That meant a lot of our favorite kids’ cereals became sad, pale versions of their original Blue Dye #2 selves. They still tasted the same–just like sugar–but the “all natural” colors did look a little different. It turns out a lot of people didn’t like that, so now Trix will be getting its blue and green food coloring back, just in time to secretly eat a bowl after your kids go to bed.

In 2015, General Mills announced that it would be removing artificial colors from its cereals, including Trix. “We’re simply listening to consumers and these ingredients are not what people are looking for in their cereal today,” the company said in 2015.

The switch to natural colors meant the cereal looked different. The company managed to make red, yellow, orange, and purple cereal with natural colors. The colors were more subdued, though. Blue and green Trix disappeared entirely, because the company couldn’t make those colors look and taste right.

The all-natural Trix came out in 2016, and it turns out a lot of people really missed their artificial colors.

So now General Mills is bringing artificially colored Trix back, in all their blue and green glory.

But not everybody hated the Trix with natural colors. Responses to the news have been mixed. Some people are thrilled to get their blue and green ones back. Others are really upset.

General Mills says it will actually keep the Trix with natural colors on the shelves, too. Classic Trix, with artificial colors, will be back on the shelves in October. Natural-colored Trix will stay available, too.

“Don’t panic, we plan to continue to offer our current formulation of Trix with no artificial flavors and no colors from artificial sources – which has its own fan base along with Classic Trix,” the company reassured an upset mom on Facebook. “So both products will be available for consumers. Thanks!”

Are you glad to see the artificially colored Trix back on the shelves, or do you think this is a terrible idea? Let us know in the comments.

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(Image: Facebook / General Mills)

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