The 10 Trick-Or-Treaters You’ll Meet On Halloween

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trick or treatersThis weekend might have brought Halloween parties and trips to a haunted house. (Or haunted hotel, train station, jail, zoo, etc.) But tonight is the big night. Tonight is the night when kids get to dress up and demand candy from their neighbors. It’s the night when little children everywhere will either love you and your full-size Snickerz, or despise you and your Dum Dum suckers.

In my neck of the woods, it’s going to be a cold and damp night. That means that hopefully my husband will be escorting my little girl around the neighborhood while I’m tucked safely in the house, answering the door, passing out candy, and commenting on all the costumes that come my way.

If you’re going to be in my position tonight, giving out the treats instead of tagging along behind the tricksters, here’s a few of the people you’re going to run into. Get ready to greet these 10 different types of trick-or-treaters, all hoping to get as much candy as their grubby hands can clasp.