Britain’s Famous 11-Year-Old Mum Is Very Much Looking Forward To Baby Number Two

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Tress MiddletonEighteen year old Tressa Middleton first reportedly made headlines when she became pregnant at the tender age of 11. The rape survivor was reportedly sexually assaulted by her older brother, then 16 years old, and was forced to give up her daughter for adoption at age 14. Although the young girl seems to have waded through quite a hell of depression, drugs, and drinking to no doubt cope with her circumstances, Tressa is now happily expecting her second child — clean and sober.

Now in a stable relationship with her fiancé, the teenager is two months along in a pregnancy that she is “over the moon” about. She sends her daughter, now six years old, cards and plans to reunite with her one day with her second child in tow. But understandably, their connection as mother and daughter is fraught with trauma:

“I would have given my life for her  –  but it was a complex relationship. There were times I looked at her and I saw my brother Jason in her face. That made it hard. But I still loved her, with all my heart.”

If anyone deserves a happy second go round at motherhood, it’s this young lady.

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