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19 Trending Baby Boy Names Predicted To Soar In 2019

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Naming a baby boy has never been more exciting than it is right now. Baby boys have traditionally been given family names, expected to carry on the family lineage and culture. More recently the majority of the population has stepped away from this custom. They have begun to name baby boys with the same characteristics and style trends as baby girls. This has created a time like no other and parents are looking at more and more unique places for their baby boy names.

The time of cute, quirky, fresh and trendy baby boy names is upon us. We have searched far and wide for a list of the trendiest names that are sure to be skyrocketing to the top of every chart in 2019. Whether you are interested in keeping up with the highly American trend of presidential inspired names, seeking to sink your grip into a mythological or literary name, or simply looking for a chart-topper, we are sure to have something for you. The names that follow in this list are sure to be note-worthy and are highly on-trend. If you are pregnant and seeking inspiration or you just want to check out the popularity of a name, continue reading for a list of the trendiest baby boy names.


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This name has been at the top of charts for several years in a row, making it no surprise that it is on this list. Its rise in popularity is not expected to slow down anytime soon and chances are if your child has this name, there will be several others on the playground. It is ranked at number three in popular baby name charts and is right up there with its more feminine version, Olivia. The name is expected to hit number one in ranks within the next year and has risen three spots already since 2017. Highly on-trend, we expect this name to continue in popularity for the next year.

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