Trayvon Would’ve Turned 19 Today And The Monster Who Killed Him Is A ‘Celebrity’

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Trayvon Martin would have celebrated his 19th birthday today. He was robbed of his life almost two years ago, when he was shot by George Zimmerman seven days after he turned 17.

Martin never got the chance to become the adult that so many were alleging that he was the night that he was shot. Although he was a 17-year old armed with only some Skittles and iced tea, there were hordes of people rushing to the defense of a man with a history of violence. A man who was armed with a gun and never had to get out of his car to begin with. A man who decided to engage with Trayvon, took his life, than appealed to the rest of America to see his side. They saw it. Some defended him relentlessly while smearing the name of a dead kid they were convinced was a thug who deserved what he got.

Now, less than two years later – Zimmerman has shown himself for what he really is several times – a violent man who likes to wave his guns around. He no longer has to play the role of the meek, serious defendant who was only protecting his life. The rest of America is seeing it now – whether they will admit their faith in him was wrong is another thing. He’s pulled a gun on his ex-wife and girlfriend. He’s become a “celebrity” for shooting a child and getting away with it. His camp decided to release the announcement that he will be boxing rap star DMX in a celebrity boxing ring – today of all days.

Martin isn’t turning 19 today because Zimmerman was a racist with a gun. He walks free because the State of Florida has proven that they are a-ok with racial profiling and vigilantism. And I didn’t want this piece to be about George Zimmerman – but since Trayvon is gone, the only gift I have is to let his parents know

I believed you. I always believed you. Your son was murdered and his murderer walks free. I am so sorry.

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