23 Travel Hacks That Every Parent Should Know

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Do Layers And Skip Laces

This travel hack pertains more to when you’re flying. When you’re flying, you need to be ready for radically changing temperatures. You will want to make sure that the kids dress in comfortable layers. If possible its better if they’re not wearing anything with zippers, buttons or anything that could prevent them from making it to the bathroom in time. Same goes for shoes. Opt for slip-ons and avoid shoelaces. The added benefit here is that you’ll be able to get through quicker with them through airport screening. Airports are hectic already, so anything you can do to make the process easier will make everything less stressful for yourself.

Waterproof Pouch For Phone


Of course, you should probably unplug and leave your phone in the car or just simply put it away when you’re at the beach with the kids, but that never happens. We never go anywhere without our phones, and if your phone is in the car or at the bottom of your bag how will you take pictures> That’s where the handy dandy waterproof pouch comes into play. At all times you need to be near your kids in the water, so if you want to keep your money and phone close by the must-have is the pouch. There’s a variety of pouches out on the market that is made for all different types of phones.

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